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  • Feu rouge intelligent WP Signalisation

    WP Signalisation offers various products, such as the intelligent traffic light, to improve drivers’ behavior and thus limit speeding in urban areas.

    The characteristics of the intelligent traffic light

    The WPS multi-LED behavioral traffic light is triggered when a vehicle is detected approaching using a sensor equipped with a speed detection system.

    This system operates continuously and can detect vehicles between 50 and 80 meters away.

    Furthermore, its speed can be measured from 2 km/h with accuracy to the kilometer. Highly advanced and powerful, the intelligent light turns green when the speed limit is respected. Otherwise, the duration of the red light is extended by a few additional seconds.


    The operation of the intelligent traffic light

    The traffic light remains red, and when a vehicle approaches, it either turns green (speed respected) or remains red (speed not respected). This device thus rewards drivers who adhere to the speed limit.

    The objective of this product is to reduce speeding while raising awareness among drivers. This allows drivers to change their habits on the roads and thereby reduce their speed, increasing the safety of citizens on the road.

    Feu tricolore intelligent

    Types of power supply for the traffic light

    The traffic light has different types of power supply :

    Feu comportemental solaire

    Traffic light without power supply

    A power source must be available for the traffic light to operate.

    110-watt photovoltaic intelligent traffic light

    Powered by photovoltaic panels, the solar-powered intelligent behavioral traffic light is an economical and environmentally friendly solution for various municipalities. With a autonomy of 5 to 10 days, the light is powered by the battery at night, during bad weather, and/or in winter.

    Intelligent reward traffic light powered by public lighting

    The light charges its battery during the day, allowing it to be powered at night.

    Intelligent behavioral traffic light powered by 220V mains

    The mains supply must be connected to the traffic light’s power cable.

    The installation of the WPS intelligent traffic light

    WP Signalisation can handle all administrative procedures related to the installation of the traffic light and its operation. WPS also offers an installation service. For more information, please contact us !

    Signage Kit


    Did you know that it is mandatory to equip your traffic light ?

    Therefore, WPS offers various elements to equip it, included in the purchase of your behavioral light! Among these equipment, you have the M12 sign plate, as well as a collar and screws.



    WP Signalisation also offers a complete optional pre-signaling kit with your intelligent traffic light. Here are some elements :


    Please note that the WPS intelligent traffic light can be accompanied by the A17 panel (danger panel) as well as the M9Z sign plate: “Speed respected = green light” to indicate it.

    Additional options

    Feu de récompense intelligent

    Various additional options are available depending on the traffic light you wish to equip. We have 4 options :

    Without option:

    The light can be powered by other devices (depending on the type of power supply)

    With the 220-volt charger option :

    This charger allows you to recharge the light’s battery.

    With the kit of 4 batteries :

    Exclusive for the photovoltaic kit, this option allows you to replace the kit in case of bad weather, at night, and/or in winter.

    Delivery and Installation Services

    Delivery and installation of your intelligent traffic light can be carried out by WPS!

    The delivery time of your product may vary depending on manufacturing, type of delivery, terrain complexity, etc.

    The installation request is made only by quotation. Complete your online order and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

    Additional Panels

    To conclude, our intelligent light can also be associated with a speed limit sign or an educational radar. This allows drivers to adjust their speed and thus reduce it.

    You can also retrieve and analyze statistics with your educational radar. To learn more, click here !