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    WP Signalisation is a subsidiary of Worldplas, a leading company in the manufacturing of plastic parts. Located in TEMIS at 2 Rue Anne de Pardieu in Besançon and founded in 2014 by Denis GUNES, the subsidiary was born out of a desire to ensure road safety and further combat speeding issues.

    WP Signalisation Commitments

    We commit to designing, industrializing, and manufacturing signaling products and panels to improve your roads.

    Gamme Innov

    Our team of experts is constantly researching innovation to offer you a variety of ranges that are more resistant, more environmentally friendly, and more cost-effective. Our R&D efforts represent the result of our patented Innov Range. It allows us to position ourselves as the only supplier in the world of signaling panels guaranteed for life and eco-friendly.

    Furthermore, WP Signalisation aims to become the benchmark for signaling products and panels. This is achieved through our quality products, Made in France and certified CE and NF by ASQUER. We promise you quality service and management with efficient handling of claims through our ISO 9001 certification.

    The team

    Our production unit includes:

    • Mold design workshops
    • Machining workshops
    • Injection molding
    • Cutting workshops
    • Meticulous finishing and assembly
    • Design offices
    • Quality control services
    • Administrative services

    They work closely together to meet your specific demands for products that comply with standards and are also customizable.

    WP Signalisation offers you

    WP Signalisation operates throughout the French territory to provide installation, marking, and installation services. However, we also sell internationally and for this, we adapt our production to the standards in force in your country.

    Président M. GUNES
    President Mr. GUNES

    “Since the creation of WP Signaling, we have been able to develop and introduce innovative products to the market. Team spirit, quality, innovation, and above all, responsiveness, are our strengths”

    Denis GUNES

    Discover our products and signaling panels on our store panneaux de signalisation