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    Our road signs are the result of years of R & D and collaboration with our strategic partners in innovation.

    Our designed and manufactured signs are thermoplastic (technical resin) bringing revolutionary new features improving its conditions of use for road users , installers , managers of roads and local government officials while meeting regulations and future.Through our ingenuity and know-how, our road signs have high performance characteristics: strong, lightweight , customizable , economic and ecological .

    Its strengths undoubtedly :

    • Highly recyclable.
    • Weight gain of 32 % against an aluminum panel and 62 % against a steel panel , so handling easier.
    • Highly resistant to bending and.
    • Excellent electrical insulator.
    • Highly resistant to abrasion.
    • Resistance to high impact .
    • Excellent resistance to weathering and aging .
    • High thermal stability .

    Most roads for managers :

    • Easy handling .
    • Life longer raod signs.
    • No interest in flying.
    • Anti- Vandalism and degradation (shape memory property )

    The advantages for installers of equipment :

    • Easy to install .
    • Light to handle and install .
    • Fixing and road signs are one solid whole.
    • Follow signs to park with the contactless sensor device integrated on request in the panel.
    • Not sensitive to temperature.
    • No risk of cuts to manipulation.

    The advantages for road users :

    • Increased security due to shock absorption .
    • Availability and visibility of information .
    • Ability to provide more services with intelligent functions ( depending on your specific needs).

    The advantages for officials of local authorities :

    • Customization.
    • Strict respect for the environment with road signs 100% recyclable.
    • Safety of users in case of accident.
    • Fluent signaling budget (a consequence of lower damage and theft ) .
    • Follow signs to park .