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    WP Signalisation‘s Pedagogical Radar is robust, reliable, and offers the best value for money on the market.

    Different models

    WP Signalisation offers various types of educational radars to equip your city or village.

    Radar pédagogique routier

    An eco-friendly option : The solar-powered educational radar equipped with a 100-watt solar kit

    Powered by solar panels, the solar-powered educational radar is an economical and environmentally friendly solution for various municipalities. With a minimum autonomy of 5 to 10 days, the radar operates on battery power at night, during bad weather, and/or in winter.

    Cost-effective option : The radar without power supply

    A power source must be available for the radar to operate: either a battery or an external charger.

    Urban radar : educational radar powered by street lighting

    The radar charges its battery during the day, allowing it to be powered at night.

    Functional radar : educational radar powered by a 220V mains supply

    The mains supply must be connected to the radar’s power cable.

    Educational radar : smiley radar

    A green or red smiley face will be displayed depending on the driver’s speed.

    Each of these radar models meets specific needs and/or expectations. Therefore, WPS advises you to carefully consider your environment, budget, and resources when making your choice. One of our advisors will be available to answer your questions.

    Radar specifications

    The WP Signalisation educational radar has various features

    • The dimensions of the radar housing are: 600 x 800 x 35mm.
    • The dimensions of the radar display screen are: 320 x 480mm.
    • The three digits displayed on the radar screen have a height of 300mm.

    Colors are in RGB format and are set according to the driver’s speed.

    Therefore, if the speed limit is respected, the color green is displayed. Otherwise, the color red is displayed. This can be in a fixed or flashing form. Additionally, messages are customizable!

    The WPS road radar model complies with current French standards and regulations. Therefore, you can confidently implement the WPS radar in your municipality.

    Radar pédagogique
    Solar-powered educational radar l WP Signalisation


    WP Signalisation offers a high-performance road educational radar.

    This road radar informs drivers whether they are in violation or not, through the emission of various brief messages and customizable speed colors to road users according to their speed.

    As a result, this will enable them to change their behavior on the road: slow down if they are in violation or maintain speed when they are not in violation.

    Therefore, WP Signalisation’s intelligent educational radar can be installed in various high-risk environments such as town entrances, school areas, residential zones, on roads that have undergone a change in speed limit, etc.

    With this system, you will reduce the rate of speeding violations in your municipality.

    Radar pédagogique nuit
    WPS radar at night
    Radar pédagogique alimenté par panneau solaire


    The WPS educational radar is effective, practical, and easy to use. It is custom-made and adapts to your expectations and needs.

    Manufactured in France, the WPS educational radar comes with a one-year warranty. Additionally, the radar screens are protected by unbreakable polycarbonate that is also scratch-resistant and graffiti-resistant.

    WPS radars record speeds in both directions of vehicle passage.

    With our WPSGEO software, you can retrieve and analyze statistics collected in the equipped area. In this software, you also have the ability to program the desired speed as well as personalized messages that will be displayed on your panel. The data collected on WPSGEO can be filtered and analyzed.

    Here are some examples of filters: period, direction of traffic, day of the week, month, time range, etc.

    And the analyses contain the following information: Number of vehicles, average speed, maximum speed, and percentage of speeding violations.

    Radar pédagogique solaire dernière

    User comfort

    The radar offered by WP Signalisation is remotely configurable via Wi-Fi using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. No mobile application installation is required.

    You simply need to connect to the radar through a Wi-Fi network (protected by a password) and enter your username and password.

    This grants you access to the settings and statistics of the road radar.

    Installation service

    An installation service for various electronic devices and traffic signs is also offered by WP Signalisation.

    Is this service of interest to you? Feel free to let us know when placing your order or requesting a quote.

    Key Information

    To learn more about the WPS educational radar, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with personalized advice.

    If you wish to request a quote : Add the products to your cart (no need to create an account). Then, in the ‘Cart’ tab, click on ‘Request a Quote’.