The new era of road signs

Ultra resistant

BIR flooding accidents securing quick markup mounting mobile.  different road signs ranges offer exceptional resistance qualities (much more durable than aluminum and steel road signs).



Increased security in case of accident:


  • Shock absorption by deformation due to the shape memory property.
  • Continuity of availability of information.
  • The substrate binding and rail fixed without adhesive form one very strong inseparable.


Each road signs can be customized manufactured sustainably and have an individual traceability commissioning with the ability to control the monitoring of signs center.


The possibility of using natural products (wood flour, oyster shells, hemp, ...) makes them more environmentally friendly.
Our products are 100% recyclable. Additionally, our road signs satisfy the conditions for sustainable development agenda21 local authorities.
Their carbon footprint is lower than aluminum or steel products. (CO2 reduction).


Our road signs offer :


  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • The disappearance of vandalism interest (over theft of aluminum or steel road signs).
  • A storage condition undemanding (not oxidation scratches ).
  • Increasing the life of the road signs.
  • Installation is easy with our road signs thanks to their light weight ( weight reduction of 25% compared to aluminum, 2.5 times lighter than steel).
  • Handling is facilitated where a sharp decrease in musculoskeletal disorders among installers ( light weight and temperature).

Extinction de l'éclairage public

Dimensions du panneau : 350, 500, 700, 900, 1050

Décor personalisable.


Pour en savoir plus, cliquer ici Extinction de l'éclairage public

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WPSignalisation participate in INTERTRAFFIC Istanbul and PROMOTE Yaoundé

WP Signalisation will be at INTERTRAFFIC exhibition in Istanbul from 24 to 26 Mai 2017.

And at PROMOTE exhibition in Yaoundé from 11 to 19 february 2017.


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Manufacturing Standards


Internationally, we adapt our production to the current standards of your country.

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Made in France

Made in France